Baby's Transportation - Blue Pram/Carriages

Wheeled devices are generally divided into 'baby carriages' (North American English) or 'Prams/carrycots' (British English) which are used for newborn babies in which the infant normally lies down facing the pusher and 'strollers' (North American English) or 'Push chairs/buggies' (British English), which are used for the small child up to about three years old in a sitting position facing forward. In the United States, "stroller" refers to the open, folding transport, whereas "buggy" refers to the larger, covered transport.

One of my friend ask me to create a beautiful card for a new born baby boy . So i thought a good idea and i looked over the internet. My inner mind said at once " How about creating a blue pram ? " then i told my idea to my friend. She said " oh great ! then start now to create it " . Haha ! So this is it ! I have created a blue pram to the little boy .
What do you think ?