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Hi ! Welcome to my Quilling Station >>>>>

I'm  Harshini Jagodage  (: some call me Liza anyway. :)

I'm from Sri Lanka

I  learned parchment craft  in  Anchor School of Hobby Craft. I never learned paper quilling from a teacher , but i used my free time to watch and practice from books. by the time my hands were familiar to quilling  so  I finally decided to make greeting cards for a little business,
I've been making lot of handmade things from my younger times for as long as I can remember. Most of the handmade things were made to my own way , I started to experiment on it and was thinking of doing it as a  creative thing. But I  didn't  thought i got so many comments from my friends and others in facebook .
  I'm always learning about card making and designing and i never think to stop this . There is just so many more out there to explore in this thing  and it's so fantastic to discover the new techniques and the different  things that are quite big challenges for me to play .
Do support me in this hobby  and help me to  make my creative dreams to a joyful one. Thank you for visiting and for following my blog.and don't leave without your comments :  I do hope that your interesting   on my blog  has inspired you and has given you great thoughts. :) God bless you!

If you wish to contact me, regarding orders or  any thing about those creations, do email me at my email address:
search me on FACEBOOK  Liza Creations Fan Page

<<<<<Thanks again for your little looking to my Blog >>>>>


  1. I m interested about this field.So I like to get some idea by looking these paper quilling cards.Is there any way to visit and see these creations?

    1. Sorry for the late reply..i started new classes in panadura.for more details check my blog wall...


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